tennis kuala lumpur : Inter Nation Ladies Doubles Team *

3 12 2007

wed 5th dec – fri 7th dec
national tennis centre, jalan duta,
kuala lumpur, malaysia

The Inter Nation Ladies Doubles Tournament has been organised for the last 15 years according to current organiser, Poh Manickam, whom I met at the Malaysian Veterans Tournament. That would make it the longest running Ladies Tennis Tournament in Malaysia! Kudos Ladies!

It started life with the Tennis Association of International Women some 15 years ago under the helm of Datin Liz Malik, Rosie Dewal & Marianne Yeo,
and later Angela Burchardt.

poh-manickam-org-internation Poh Manickam

8 teams are taking part in this year’s tournament. Each team comprises of 6 players i.e 3 doubles. The teams are Malaysia 1 & 2, MANZA/ABWM 1 & 2, Japan 1, 2 & 3 and Rest of the World. Think Davis Cup!

If the standard of the Ladies Doubles at the recent Malaysian Veterans Tournament is anything to go by, the next 3 days will see some great tennis! Come on over.

Wed Dec 5th : day 1

Got to National Tennis Centre, Jalan Duta at 1pm and all was quiet. Checked the Notice Board, saw the scores and realised the matches were over.

Thurs Dec 6th : day 2

Hisako & Keiko (Japan 1) vs Jennifer Yeoh & Lai Wai Kuen (Malaysia 1). Team Japan 1 won.

Chris Wong & Jody (Malaysia 1) vs Lisbeth Helms & Judy Hooppell (Rest of the World). Great match!

Atalanta & Lindsay (MANZA) vs Kyoko & Chiharu (Japan 3). Taken after the match, sweat & all!

Japan 2 vs Manza 1. A pix taken in 2 seconds. No names. Japan 2 won the match.

Tomoyo & Hisako (Japan 3) won their match against Manza 2. Could be that the match lasted longer than expected cos Manza 2 had to rush off to do a school run!

Khatijah & Dolly (Malaysia 1) vs Celia & Liza (Rest of the World). A thriller till the end! Malaysia 1 won the match & the fashion point for the Zang Toi tops!


Team Malaysia players with tournament organisers Poh Manickam (2nd from R) & Jenny Chan (3rd from R).

Jenny Chan and her husband have been busy with Poh Manickam organising this year’s InterNation Ladies Doubles Tournament. The team based tennis tournament has a different atmosphere because the supporters get a bit more involved and vocal supporting their teams! Good fun!

For 2008, the tournament will be brought forward to the middle of the year. According to Jenny, the Tournament is open but you must have a country team of 7 players of 35 years and above. Please contact 012 2917620 or 012 2029609 for info.

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8 01 2008

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

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