BabolaT at Duta Junior Tennis Academy

9 12 2007

logo babolat.jpg
The Elite Group had a special session with BabolaT on Saturday.
For the newbies, BabolaT is a racquet maker established in France in 1875. The company has been on the up and up since Rafael Nadal became their poster boy!

The Elite Group of the Duta Junior Tennis Academy

Follow through! screams Coach Rama
Follow through! screams Coach Rama

The Banana Boat makes tennis fun!

Protect your ‘boat’ Elite Group!

Yay! We win!

The losing team being arranged as ‘targets’

Kula was a fave target!

parents-babolat-serve.jpg Babolat-Xcel-Premium-strings.jpg
(L.) Parents invited to serve & hit Babolat prizes
(R.) Cool prize – I hit the RM89 Babolat Xcel Premium strings!

Main man Coach Selvam has a real pix with Nadal but this is a Babolat poster

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2 responses

12 12 2007

It is very good to see young children having fun playing tennis. And that you have sponsors like Babola doing programs with young players. Good Luck to all the young learning tennis.

17 12 2007

Enjoyed your blog. A lot of effort has gone into it. I particularly like the target practise the losing team had to endure.

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