nadal storms thru desert wind, leaves murray in the, well…, dust

23 03 2009

location: desert country, indian wells, southern california. cue spaghetti-western music…

rafael nadal had a win-wind plan for the finals today. and it worked a storm, leaving murray in his dust trail 1 and 2. ahhh…raaafaaaa…

andy – we are looking forward to the next adventures of murray the octo-scot though.



nadal vs murray finals 6-1 6-2


rafael nadal champion bnp paribas open indian wells

photos : getty

a tennis elbow room shout-out to tennis bloggers who have been sharing their Indian Wells! been doing desert tennis vicariously thru these blogs…as here in malaysia we get only some of the matches live, some delayed or not at all if there’s an english premier league soccer match on. and we don’t get to wonder around the tennis grounds…ahh safin!

note to self : indian wells definitely has a chill vibe – 2010 maybe?

Forty Deuce



GoToTennis Indian Wells Practice Court Babes


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