april fools gold awards : best on the web : like getting lobbed in tennis!

1 04 2009


tennis elbow room’s ♥ nudge nudge wink wink April Fools Gold award ♥ goes to :

THE GUARDIAN UK : Writer is Rio Palof – *guffaws*

Click here peeps – you must read the full story, my favourite part is about the archives!



Love that its Kodak, “features” of eyeCamera 4.1 include ‘Wink & Shoot Shutter’, ‘Facial Recall Assistant – handy for parties & reunions’ and ‘Integrated lens cover protects in sleep mode’!!!  *sheesh, was thinking of getting one for close-up of nadal!*



MOBA has an actual site at www.museumofbadart.org

thanks to @abhimehr for twittering me the bbc classic.


freaking-huge-url-generatorSpecially for the Twitter community 😉




youtube videos – displayed upside down on April Fool’s Day – and the buttons actually work like normal! It was funny!


So WHO got lobbed today?

want more? click here for the Museum of Hoaxes’ Top April Fools Day Hoaxes of all time!


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