tennis loves twitter. also flutter mockumentary.

8 04 2009

Twitter, the social media phenom has a worldwide following of 10 million in Feb 09. Tennis has almost 23,000 followers, and it is growing daily, rapidly.

The Sports Category has over 2 million followers. Topping the list are :

@THE_REAL_SHAQ and  @lancearmstrong with over 500,000 followers each! Everyone else in Sports splits the 1,000,000+ balance. Is this a monopoly, nonopoly, twitopoly?

On top of the tennis category :

@TennisTV is tops with just over 1,500 followers, followed by @gototennis, @TennisExpress. So its pretty wide open for tennis, game on!

Tennis Elbow Room started twittering in March 09 to be ‘live’ & experience the Tennis Tournaments at Indian Wells & Miami vicariously through fellow tennis twitterers. I loved the experience, its a post still sitting in ‘Drafts’.

@tenniselbowroom has only 80 followers, so c’mon sign up at or just click the twitter icon on the sidebar already. I need 499,930 to get within sniffing distance of shaq & lance, you follow.

Tennis players who twit are @andy_murray, and recently @serenajwilliams. although check out tennis elbow room’s funny twi story of Serena – Click Here!


Ok enough facts! Whats a mockumentary, I hear you say in the background.

Click & find out people…

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