Mr & Mrs Federer : love all Roger & Mirka

11 04 2009


click here to link to

For those who don’t believe it, read it again s-l-o-w-l-y  :

“Dear Fans

Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.

Roger ”


So its a Monte Carlo honeymoon. Congratulations former WTA player Mirka Vavrinec & World No.2 Roger Federer from tennis elbow room.

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april fools gold awards : best on the web : like getting lobbed in tennis!

1 04 2009


tennis elbow room’s ♥ nudge nudge wink wink April Fools Gold award ♥ goes to :

THE GUARDIAN UK : Writer is Rio Palof – *guffaws*

Click here peeps – you must read the full story, my favourite part is about the archives!



Love that its Kodak, “features” of eyeCamera 4.1 include ‘Wink & Shoot Shutter’, ‘Facial Recall Assistant – handy for parties & reunions’ and ‘Integrated lens cover protects in sleep mode’!!!  *sheesh, was thinking of getting one for close-up of nadal!*



MOBA has an actual site at

thanks to @abhimehr for twittering me the bbc classic.


freaking-huge-url-generatorSpecially for the Twitter community 😉




youtube videos – displayed upside down on April Fool’s Day – and the buttons actually work like normal! It was funny!


So WHO got lobbed today?

want more? click here for the Museum of Hoaxes’ Top April Fools Day Hoaxes of all time!

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kuala lumpur earth hour

30 03 2009


Earth Hour Malaysia

MALAYSIA Global Lights Off 1 Hour 8.30pm Sat 28 Mar









My city Kuala Lumpur . Twin Towers. Lights On


My city Kuala Lumpur . Lights Off


photo : thestaronline


Duration: 0:38 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH 
Music: Vesti la Giubba by Ruggero Leoncavallo (in hi-fi stereo) 
YouTube Link:

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F1 season starts with the Curious Case of Brawn’s Button

29 03 2009

A diversion from tennis to F1 with the season race opener in Melbourne, Australia. Its my next love after tennis. This story is too good a fairy tale.

New F1 team Brawn GP win their debut race with F1 drivers Jenson Button in 1st place AND Rubens Barichello in 2nd place. Team Brawn GP were not even sure they were financially ready to race this season. Virgin signed up as a sponsor just before the official practice session the day before the main race! Team Brawn is helmed by Ross Brawn, formerly of Ferrari and credited for much of their success.

Another reason i’m excited is next F1 race is in Malaysia, and I’m heading out to get me some cool Team Brawn gear. 

Its a long F1 season so lets just hope Jenson Button doesn’t do a Benjamin.


F1 latest team Brawn GP

F1 latest team Brawn GP


Jenson Button wins with Brawn

Jenson Button wins with Brawn



next F1 race : Malaysia April 5

next F1 race : Malaysia April 5

 click here to link to F1 Malaysia official site!

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World’s Top Tennis Players go Sheik! players party at the Dubai Tennis Championships feb 25, 2008

21 03 2008




can you recognise sheik rafael nadal, andy roddick, novak djokovic?

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Tennis Forecast for 2008 Quiz by Jon Wertheim

8 01 2008

Brain alert! Here’s an interesting quiz by Jon Wertheim of to kick off the 2008 tennis year. Remember to come back at the end of 2008 & check if your predictions were in or way out!

click & quiz yourself : TENNIS FORECAST for 2008 QUIZ


Rain Check!

7 12 2007

The rain has started again! According to the rather accurate, The Weather Channel and Weather Underground (you can link directly to all 3 sites by clicking on the names highlighted or from my sidebar under Weather Kuala Lumpur‘), Kuala Lumpur is going to be rainy for the next 2 weeks! All 3 weather sites will give you HOURLY forecast for the day PLUS a 5-day to 15-day forecast. Its great for scheduling tennis lessons and that birthday or bbq! Go on, try it.