maria sharapova & pepsi deal goes flat. May play clay.

16 04 2009

Latest news on Maria Sharapova Inc reports today that PepsiCo & Maria Sharapova have not renewed their two-year endorsement deal. Sharapova dropped out of the top 50 because of her on-going  shoulder injury.

In January 2007, Maria Sharapova became the first tennis player to represent PepsiCo’s Gatorade sports drink and Tropicana fruit juice brands worldwide. That contract was signed after the Russian won the 2006 U.S. Open and has expired at the end of last year. It is rumoured that the deal is worth close to US$1 million annually.

Small change to the highest-paid female athlete in the world I guess. Maria’s other endorsement deals are with Tag Heuer, Nike, Tiffany & Co and Cole Haan. What about Canon, I wonder.

Click for Bloomberg story here.

Russia Today also ran a story that Maria Sharapova is hoping to return to play clay in Roland Garros in May, with one or two tune-up tournaments before Paris.

I wait without a pepsi.

Click for Russia Today story here

Here’s a Maria Pepsi commercial from 2007!!!


and a Maria Gatorade commercial 2007! Hmm…is that YOU I hear in the background?

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Maria Sharapova parties in LA. Dinara Safina struggles in head. Serena Williams beached in Marbella. So… who’s numero uno again?

9 04 2009

posted by Hollywood TV

Come back Maria, we missed you.

Come back Maria, we missed you.

photo via

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tennis loves twitter. also flutter mockumentary.

8 04 2009

Twitter, the social media phenom has a worldwide following of 10 million in Feb 09. Tennis has almost 23,000 followers, and it is growing daily, rapidly.

The Sports Category has over 2 million followers. Topping the list are :

@THE_REAL_SHAQ and  @lancearmstrong with over 500,000 followers each! Everyone else in Sports splits the 1,000,000+ balance. Is this a monopoly, nonopoly, twitopoly?

On top of the tennis category :

@TennisTV is tops with just over 1,500 followers, followed by @gototennis, @TennisExpress. So its pretty wide open for tennis, game on!

Tennis Elbow Room started twittering in March 09 to be ‘live’ & experience the Tennis Tournaments at Indian Wells & Miami vicariously through fellow tennis twitterers. I loved the experience, its a post still sitting in ‘Drafts’.

@tenniselbowroom has only 80 followers, so c’mon sign up at or just click the twitter icon on the sidebar already. I need 499,930 to get within sniffing distance of shaq & lance, you follow.

Tennis players who twit are @andy_murray, and recently @serenajwilliams. although check out tennis elbow room’s funny twi story of Serena – Click Here!


Ok enough facts! Whats a mockumentary, I hear you say in the background.

Click & find out people…

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Andy Murray of Scotland & Jensen Button of England rule Britannia, well tennis & F1 at least…

6 04 2009

The sports- mad British Isles were jumping with joy at the weekend with 2 big wins in tennis and Formula 1. Scot Andy Murray subdued a resurgent Novak Djokovic to win the Miami Masters. Across the globe, English Formula 1 driver Jensen Button kept his calm through a torrential tropical storm to win the shortened F1 Malaysia Grand Prix. *Cheers to a double britannia*. Men and their trophies.

Andy Murray, Champion Miami Open

Andy Murray, Champion Miami Open

Jensen Button, Champion F1 Malaysia

Jensen Button, Champion F1 Malaysia

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roger federer spins out of control, yet manages to spin the media spotlight on himself again…and again

5 04 2009

Has Roger Federer added a new backhand-ed approach to his game?

Federer’s Oz tears got him more media miles than Nadal’s back-to-back 5-setter marathon runs.

Now in Miami, Federer’s smashed up racquet has literally bagged & zipped the Serb!

Watch the approach next time he loses a big match


outburst no.1 : australian open finals 2009

nadal won but remains in the background



outburst no.2 : miami open semifinals apr 2009

djokovic won but federer’s racquet beat him

after the racquet abuse, federer continues with a water bottle throwing tantrum. watch the ball boys scurrying to collect the 2 bottles…

And all this after winning the ATP World Tour Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award, just last week in Miami!?


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how serena williams learnt the golden rule of the twit

2 04 2009

the culprit

Serena's Pomegranate Lip Balmer SPF15

Serena's Pomegranate Lip Balmer SPF15


the evidence : tweet tweets 

received serena's tweet during the match *jaw drops at her superior multi tasking skills*

 received serena’s tweet during the match *jaw drops at her superior multi tasking skills*


replied to serena *nervously watching serena's fingers during changeover*

 replied to serena *nervously watched serena’s fingers during changeover*


serena wins. her fans are relieved. *apply extra pomegranate to celebrate*

 serena wins. her fans are relieved. *we apply extra pomegranate to celebrate*


the CSI Miami

are the pomegranates from china?

did roddick decline a sample from serena

Twu Twit Tennis Story at WTA Miami Open during match during match between Serena Williams and Na Li of China. Serena won 4-6, 7-6 but she wasn’t focused!

a shout-out  to fellow tennis twitterers @magzalez @tenisbrasil @TheFanChild. your balm is in the email.

UPDATE : @tenniselbowroom would like to send a tweet to tennis players who twit such as @andyroddick, @Bryanbros, remember the Golden Rule of The Twit… tweet & learn, tweet & learn… @andy_murray, you are the top of the tennis twits! Twitter on, troops!

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miami heat : verdasco / camilla belle vs tsonga / dolphin

27 03 2009

What’s Don Juan without the senoritas?

What’s Miami without the dolphins?

Not to poor Tsonga , look at that smile… its a french thing, c’est la vie

So, no touchy feely here.


Then lets heat it up. its spring time for spain’s fernando verdasco and american-brazilian camilla belle… Fer wins hands don, er, down.

*why have my captions turned blue, hmmm*

gonzalez hearts the dolphin!

tsonga is not happy *its big*

i've got my eye on you

tsonga eyes the dolph *its got teeth*

i don't do sushi

i don't do sushi *smiles nervously*


fernando & camilla belle

fernando & camilla belle









photo : & getty

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