1 Nadal vs 28 ? : sawadekap rafa

9 08 2009




On the same dates, in 2 neighbouring cities in Asia, as part of the same ATP World Tour 250 – Rafael Nadal in Bangkok vs 28 top players in Kuala Lumpur…


kuala lumpur earth hour

30 03 2009


Earth Hour Malaysia

MALAYSIA Global Lights Off 1 Hour 8.30pm Sat 28 Mar









My city Kuala Lumpur . Twin Towers. Lights On


My city Kuala Lumpur . Lights Off


photo : thestaronline


Duration: 0:38 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH 
Music: Vesti la Giubba by Ruggero Leoncavallo (in hi-fi stereo) 
YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSSgsoRLl2s

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Duta Junior Tennis Academy of Kuala Lumpur

9 12 2007

The Duta Junior Tennis Academy has been around for ages! The Academy has a good group of coaches, headed by former Malaysian player V. Selvam, and they really make tennis fun and exciting. No membership is required and rates are affordable. The Academy is open to all and is conveniently located within the National Tennis Centre (Gelanggang Tenis MSN) in Jalan Duta.

Raising a racquet at the Duta Junior Tennis Academy!

Group Lessons are offered everyday from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm and on Sat mornings from 8am to 10am. Just for December, extra sessions on Wed & Fri MORNINGS 9.30am to 11am.
First come for the free trial that is offered. Then decide how many times a week you want to send your child. My 8 year old daughter Zuli ‘M’ started in July 07 with two lessons a week.
The great thing is you can replace days you miss and it is easy to do so as lessons are on Mondays through to Saturdays. Attendance is taken at the lessons.

Hit the ball early!

Forehand! Backhand!

Lessons are conducted on 3 courts by 3 or 4 coaches.
The 2 hours whiz by as the kids do warm-ups, tennis drills & fun games. The kids also pick up very fast when they learn in a group. This holidays Zuli ‘M’ has progressed to one private lesson & one group lesson a week.

The next stage is the Elite Programme for advanced players.

Lessons for adults are also offered. I am currently taking a group lesson for doubles with Coach Rama.

For more info, click here to visit their website www.tennismalaysia.com or call 603-62015496 or email djta@tm.net.my

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Coach Rama handling the juniors
Coach Rama went supermarket shopping!

Coach Trini with the starter group
Coach Trini “Hit the ball over the net y’all!”

Coach ? with the ready-to-move-on-to-elite group
Coaching the soon-to-move-on-to-Elite group!

Hello nadal!

22 11 2007

nadal renewed my interest in tennis like a dash of brash hair.

2007 was the year of living health. a break from raising it.

my 8 year old daughter started tennis. my 18 year old son insisted on new tennis nikes. and I the ageless (and legless post lessons) was a player born again.

as nadal comes to kl, I raise my racquet, and elbow my way into tennis blogdom.

enjoy tennis elbow room.

liz tajuddin

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