tennis malaysia : jawariah nordin featured

11 08 2009

Jawariah beginning to hit the right note

Jawariah Noordin  IT all boils down to self-belief, said national coach S. Selvarajoo who has placed his faith in top national singles player Jawariah Noordin. Jawariah has performed well in several ITF circuits abroad and it is high time for Selvarajoo to raise her level of play.

She had a rough start in the US$10,000 (RM35,000) Jakarta tournament. Despite defeating Thai lass Siriporn Phakamad 6-1, 6-1 in Round 1, the Penangite was forced to retire in the next round against host player Sandy Gumulya (3-6, 6-0, retired).

Jawariah’s fortunes changed for the better in the US$10,000 Solo tournament. She first beat China’s Yang Pang 6-2, 6-0 in the first round and later beat fourth seeded Nungnadda Wannasuk of Thailand 7-6, 6-3 in the second. Ranked world No 960, Jawariah’s winning streak came to a premature end when she lost in the quarterfinals to fifth seeded Indonesian Lavinia Tananta 6-4, 6-2. 

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bali – tennis combo : Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions Nov 4-8, 2009

14 03 2009

Received a newsletter from a top asian tennis tournament, explaining the new format of the popular Bali tournament – Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions. I like the ‘Road to Bali’ concept involving the winners of 6 tournaments in Mexicio, USA & Europe.

Trivia : before Bali, the tournament was held in Surabaya, Indonesia for 4 years from 1994 to 1997. Then it was held in KUALA LUMPUR for 2 years in 1999 and 2000. Malaysia doesn’t seem keen on ‘owning’, branding & developing an annual repeat tournament, unlike Bali and Thailand with their Pattaya Tournament. Malaysia boleh only the big names – big time – hit & run one-off EXHIBITION matches eg Federer vs Sampras, Borg vs McEnroe.

I’m packing my sarong & booking my ticket to Bali… 

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[click on image below to link to Bali Commbank Tournament website]



BabolaT at Duta Junior Tennis Academy

9 12 2007

logo babolat.jpg
The Elite Group had a special session with BabolaT on Saturday.
For the newbies, BabolaT is a racquet maker established in France in 1875. The company has been on the up and up since Rafael Nadal became their poster boy!

The Elite Group of the Duta Junior Tennis Academy

Follow through! screams Coach Rama
Follow through! screams Coach Rama

The Banana Boat makes tennis fun!

Protect your ‘boat’ Elite Group!

Yay! We win!

The losing team being arranged as ‘targets’

Kula was a fave target!

parents-babolat-serve.jpg Babolat-Xcel-Premium-strings.jpg
(L.) Parents invited to serve & hit Babolat prizes
(R.) Cool prize – I hit the RM89 Babolat Xcel Premium strings!

Main man Coach Selvam has a real pix with Nadal but this is a Babolat poster

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…and malaysia boleh too…nadal & gasquet in kuala lumpur!

29 11 2007

an interesting and must-read post from a highly-rated & very cool tennis blog, Tennis Served Fresh… quickly click the link below…

rafa richard exhi

nadal and gasquet before their exhibition match in kuala lumpur (*rubs eyes in disbelief*)

Hello nadal!

22 11 2007

nadal renewed my interest in tennis like a dash of brash hair.

2007 was the year of living health. a break from raising it.

my 8 year old daughter started tennis. my 18 year old son insisted on new tennis nikes. and I the ageless (and legless post lessons) was a player born again.

as nadal comes to kl, I raise my racquet, and elbow my way into tennis blogdom.

enjoy tennis elbow room.

liz tajuddin

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